Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Queens day.

Today we celebrated Queens day in the Netherlands. I had hung the Dutch flag with the orange pennant early in the morning. After breakfast I went to the center of the village to visit the Vrijmarkt for the children. There weren't as many children as last year or the years before. I suppose a lot of families have left the village for the May break. I only bought a wooden box with wooden puzzles inside. I want to alter the box and puzzles.

This afternoon I moved some of the plants in my front and back yard. I hope they will survive the move! I had to move them because of the arrival of the garden house in my back yard very soon.


corinne5 said...

leuk idee on dat te alteren. Ik ben ook geslaagd kun je wel zeggen :)

ben erg benieuwd naar je tuinhuisje straks!


...diamond girl... said...

I just came upon your blog today. I think your English is awesome, your scrapbook pages beautiful and your kitty is so cute! My nephew is being tested for autism, finally. We've all been pushing my sister to get the diagnosis.

Keep up the nice blog! I'll be back to see more pretty things!

-Jill in Arizona