Monday, September 24, 2007

Two new Daily Somethings and an inspirational website.

I made two very simple DS layouts! I'm still not in the mood to scrap.

Yesterday I went to a small lake in the woods near Schoonloo, were people can swim in Summer. It is near a campingsite where I used to go camping with my son before the fibro got this bad. I went alone because Zander didn't want to come. I just sat on a bench in the sun with a book (What the bleep do we know). I took a photo of this lonely leaf in the water and I knew right away that I wanted to make a DS about it. Today I was looking on the internet for a poem or quote that I could print on the photo, but I couldn't find something appropriate. But I did find this: I think it's very inspirational.

This afternoon I had to do the laundry. My cleaning lady changed the sheets on the beds this morning. And my son seems to think that he has to put on new clothes every day. Teenz!

I have changed Like this on the right side of my blog. You can listen to some songs by Ilse de Lange. She's a Dutch singer with a country music sound. The songs you can listen change very often but if you see Ilse de Lange & Paul de Leeuw you should listen and look at it (the clip appears on top of my blog), it's funny. Paul de Leeuw is a Dutch entertainer and he can be quite hilarious.

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