Saturday, September 22, 2007

I felt down all week!

I'm still feeling tired, my muscles hurt and some stuff happened on Monday that has made me feel down even more. You could say I have a lot on my plate lately, too much!!
I felt a little bit better yesterday and I have made all my daily somethings of this past week! I kept notes all week and made some photos in order to not forget about what happened.
Next week Zander is going to stay at one of his teachers house. I really need this time alone to recuperate!


Vita said...

Anniek, I really love your daily something. I think I want to start mine next year although it will be more like a weekly something for me. Daily will be too much commitment.

I hope you are feeling better. It's the end of the year thing, I suppose. Everything seems to happen all at once.

Take care & love your song.

corinne5 said...

Hang in there, it all will turn out good. Love your lo's!