Sunday, September 16, 2007

New stuff!

Yesterday, I bought the Cutter Bee Bugs and a heat gun at Pipoos! When I was there on wednesday the Cutter Bees hadn't arrived yet so I asked them to phone me. They phoned me on friday and so I just went to town yesterday to get them. Than I remembered I need a heat gun for trying out the techniques with gesso from Celine and so I also bought the heat gun.
I used the Cutter Bee on the DS from yesterday!

This morning when I was sitting in our study a little birdy flew against the window. It sat down on the terrace. looking a bit dazed. Because our cat was outside I ran outside and picked the little birdy up and took it inside, where it was safe. I took some photos of it, keeping my hand a bit closed and later on I opened my hand to see if it was already able to fly. It was, because it started to fly through are living-room. I managed to catch it again and took it outside where I put it on the fence. It stayed there for a while, so I was able to grab my camera which I had left inside the house, and took another photo of the birdy before it flew off and disappeared.

This afternoon I wanted to use the heat gun for some embossing, but I couldn't find the embossing powder. So instead of creating something new, I started to clean my scrapbook space and re-ordering everything. Still haven't found the embossing powder though! I wonder where it can be!

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corinne5 said...

oooh ik ben als de dood voor vliegende vogeltjes , iek ook al ziet dit er wel lief uit hahaha.