Thursday, September 13, 2007

Latest Daily Somethings

I felt very tired yesterday after I went to do some shopping in the city. I didn't stay that long, but because I still felt a bit tired from Saturday, my trip to the city yesterday was too much!
I have to keep my life simple and find a good balance between things that have to be done and things I like to do. The things I really like to do, that are my passion (like scrapbooking), give me energy, all the other things are wearing me out. But because of the fibro this doesn't always count for me anymore. Even the things that I like to do are wearing me out if I do too much. So it's always important for me that I listen very carefully to the signals of my body.

So today I didn't do much. I had an appointment this morning and in the afternoon I went to the library. I found out that I was a week too late and had to pay a fine. This never happens to me! I really thought it was this week that I had to return the books! I don't like to pay fines! I have to write down in my agenda when I need to return the books!
Because I felt too tired yesterday I wasn't in the mood to make a daily something. So, today I made two!
I took a photo of the library this afternoon and just added the date with a date stamp.

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