Monday, August 27, 2007

Zander back to school and my Daily Something

This afternoon my son had to go to school for the first time, it was just to meet his mentor and his new classmates. He also got his timetable.

Tomorrow he already has a day off because the city of Groningen was liberated on August 17 1672 (according to the Julian calendar). The Bishop of Munster, who proclaimed that parts of the province of Groningen belonged to his diocese, was defeated and the city of Groningen was rescued. Since the Gregorian calendar was introduced in 1700 the festivities are taken place on the 28th of August. This year the Queen will also visit the festivities.

When he was at school this afternoon I went to the supermarket on my bike, since I don't have a car! Because of the daily something project I start to look different at all the things that I'm doing and find so very normal. So, my daily something is about my shopping bike. To be able to bring as much items from the supermarket to my home, I have a large basket in front and large bags (on both sides) at the back. Sometimes I even have to put an extra plastic bag on one side of the handle-bars. I do think sometimes that for foreigners we Dutch women must look like pack-mules on our bikes. Can you imagine that I also had Zander on the back of my bike when he was little? I'm glad he has his own bike now.

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