Friday, August 24, 2007

Yesterday's daily something

Finished my daily something of yesterday.

I had two long and emotional phonecalls yesterday with another mother of a son with autism. She has her son home from school for the moment because there isn't a school available. Well actually there is a school available but because of some stupid regulations he couldn't be placed in this school. The only thing I could do was listen to her and let her throw out all of her frustrations about the situation.

I understand very well what she's going through because I have had the same kind of problems with my son with autism a couple of years ago. The only difference is that I wanted to homeschool my son. This is not allowed in the Netherlands! You feel very powerless as a parent if all kind of people that do not know your son in person, think that they know what is the best!

She, her son and her family were in my thoughts all day. I felt powerless in not being able to help her but than I remembered a visualization technique from The Secret that a friend told me about and I send this information to her in an e-mail.

And you know what .... this morning she phoned me again, telling me that she has had wonderful news this morning. It is almost certain that her son can go to the school of her choice. She told me that when she read my e-mail last night, she started to visualize her son being on this school right away. She calmed down and felt much better after she did that. And this morning she got this great news .... isn't that cool!

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