Thursday, August 23, 2007

A little bit late ....

... but here are my daily something layouts of Sunday and Monday! Journaling is on the backside.
I felt a little bit patriotic when I was making the one of Sunday! I used the colors of the Dutch flag and the orange I used to embroider typical Dutch windmill is the color for the royal family: the house of Orange. The Dutch also use this color to dress in when they go to important sport events.

On Monday I did my very best to clean up my attic. I threw away a lot. It was really necessary to do this. I threw away a lot of clothes and old school books. I brought the clothes to a depot of the Salvation Army and the books went to a second hand store.

The other day I told you about my first camera that I won with a contest when I was 13 years old. Well I found the camera while I was cleaning up my attic and took some photos of it. I also cleaned it up a bit and now it is standing in my bedroom. Because it is old (almost 40 years) you have to use a film that isn't available anymore (at least I think so) so I can't take photos with it.

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Kaber said...

What size are these layouts?

do you really do one a day? how neat!