Thursday, August 09, 2007

Daily something!

Started with a new project today called daily something. Read about it in Ali Edwards' newsletter and I think it's a cool idea to tell about the daily stuff and be creative in the same time. I chose to make my daily somethings very small, the size of a photo (4x6) and put them in a map for photos.

Ali has made a special Flickr group where you can upload your daily something layouts. Go here!

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Shirls said...

Hi Anniek. That looks like a great project to start. Guess what. I was just looking at your banner and that is exactly how I display my rub-ons and ribbons and some stickers! It's right next to my table so I can use them.

Love the previous post too about your favourite trail. I would love to live close to that too. So many interesting place to photograph!