Sunday, July 22, 2007

New header.

Changed my header this morning. I'm not familiar yet with Photoshop Elements 7.0, so I just took a photo, sanded the borders and put velvet letters on it. Than I made a scan (wow, my new Canon all-in-one is so cool!) and adjusted the measurements with Photoshop until it fitted in between the lines (650x401).
The bar with hooks and baskets you see on the header are from IKEA. Love that shop!

Not much going on here. We are going to leave for a short campingtrip tomorrow afternoon with one of Zander's homeschool teachers and her family. We are staying close to home on a campingsite where everyone has his own private toilet and shower! Never been on a campingsite like that before! Check out this link and you can see for yourself!
I can sleep off the floor in a foldable wagon??? It's a tent in a wagon. Go to here for an example and click on Europa camper!
Hope the weather will be sunny all week!

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