Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Some new stuff.

Bought some new stuff today!

I finally bought an external harddisc for all my pictures. Our computer was getting a little bit slow lately and somebody told me yesterday that at Kruidvat (Dutch store) they were selling these for a very low price.

I also went to the scrapbookstore in a village nearby for some shopping. It's the biggest scrapbookstore in the north of the Netherlands. Just 9 km. from my village. I have never been to another scrapbookstore in the Netherlands because they are all so far away. I think I'm lucky to have this shop so close by!
The owner of the shop had some new papers and new stamps. And I also bought the latest of CK.
I love the stamps! They were not cheap but I think I'm going to use them a lot.

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Shirls said...

yummy scrap supplies you've got. gotta love journaling stamps. i have the Autumn Leaves and Lil Davis ones.