Friday, March 30, 2007

Another today!

After posting the previous post I took another picture of the fog. This time there were sitting a bunch of birds in the top of the trees behind my house. They were making a lot of noise!

When I went to ask my neighbourfriend Esther if she would like to contact one of her friends in de USA to make it possible for me to donate some money to Autism Speaks, she told me about some very cheap bags with a lot of buttons on them. They only cost one Euro! Like me, she has a scrapeye, if you know what I mean! So off I went to the store and bought 4 bags. There was only one bag left with all the buttons (lucky me!), but I also saw these other bags with white flower buttons and metal decorations. My neighbour missed that one. There were 3 of them and I bought them all, also one for my neighbour who was very pleased!
For the ones who aren't aware yet about Autism Speaks and the competition that is going on, go to Ali's weblog and donate some money (at least 10 dollars) for this good cause! You have to be an American citizen though, that's why I asked Esther to contact her friends in the USA so that they can make a donation on my behalf! Tomorrow (saturday) is the last day! She has already raised over 30.000 dollars and is in lead of this competition. Also ask your friends to make a contribution because it's not about the amount of money that is raised but about the amount of people who have donated!
My son saw 2 frogs making love in our backyard. He came running in the house, very excited and told me what he had just seen. So I took the camera and luckily they were still there.

In the mean time the fog has dissapeared and the sun is shining brightly!
Have a nice day!


Shirls said...

lol...oh, anniek, give the frogs some that is just too funny!!!

Vanessa said...

seems like you're gonna have a bunch full of frogs real soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!