Saturday, March 31, 2007

Worm problem.

I'm having some trouble with my computer! The virusscanner has detected a worm and it has already infected 2 files. This worm (W32/stration.EYV) is put in quarantaine but I'm not sure what I should be doing now. I'm not sending out any e-mails anymore so it can't be spread but I'm not sure if visiting my weblog is of any risk to you too. I hope not! I'm going to get some help on Monday with this problem. This isn't funny and I hope that spreading virusses on purpose to computers will be punished severely all over the world.

There wasn't much time to scrap the last couple of days. I made one layout though. It's a challenge for The Dutch Dares. You have to make a layout about something what your country has achieved that your proud of.
The Dutch social services is still one of the best and having a son with autism I'm really proud of the PGB, this is a personal budget provided by social services (health insurance). The past years I got a considerable amount of money so that I was able to pay my son's homeschool teachers, therapists etc..
On the pictures you can see Zander and me in the middle and around us are pictures of Zander and his teachers and companions.
Maybe you wonder why I doodled some bees on this layout. Bees look nice but they can't be trusted. They give us honey but they can also hurt you. The last couple of years a lot is changing in the Netherlands and life is getting more and more expensive and the government is cutting out a lot of benefits. In the past it was allowed to pay Dolphintherapy and Neurofeedback with the PGB. Last year they made that impossible. I don't understand why because these therapies can really help kids with autism and it's much better than all the farmaceutical drugs!
So I'm glad and proud of the existance of the PGB but it has it's stings!

Today (April 1st) I received the first assignment from Corinne Delis. I signed up for her online workshop Finding You!
I'm in the Dutch group! I'm not sure if I can tell you about the assignments on my weblog, so for now I'm keeping it a secret. But I can tell you that it's a real challenge for me! Pffffff.

Supplies: pp (American Crafts, Scenic Route Paper Co.), cardstock (Bazzill, Pipoos), ribbon (market), white acrylic paint, embroidering thread, sewing thread, distressink, small letterstamps typewriter (Image tree), big letterstamps (Sirius Hobby), black and yellow pen.
Techniques: machine stitching, hand sewing, stamping, doodling, masking, distressing.


D@nielle said...

great lo Anniek, thanks for playing. Can't wait to see what you make for finding you !

Daffie Online said...

Great thing to be proud of!
Love the flower shape :)

Hope that you play again with the next dare; which will be posted tomorrow!

Daffie Online said...
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