Sunday, February 11, 2007

Your eyes.

Made this LO today. It's a scraplift from Revlie.
On this photo Zander is looking straight into the camera so that you can see his beautiful blue eyes. At least they were blue at the time when this photo was taken. Today they turned out to be a meltdown of different colours. Somewhere between blue/green/golden brown. Maybe it's because his father has dark brown eyes and mine are grey/blue?

The quote is from an anglo/american poet: Denise Levertov. I changed it a bit (left out the word blinking between blue and eyes).
For me this quote is also referring to Zander's autistic inner world, a world that is not always easy to understand for Neurotypical persons.

Supplies: pp Scenic Route PC, cardstock, foam letters (Wibra = Dutch store), felt flower (Blokker = Dutch store), letter stamps typewriter (Image Tree), childrens stamps, font: Ghostwriter (download from

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Shirls said...

throwing a mini tantrum because i don't have a blue/green eyed kid to photograph...just kidding. i love my dark brown eye little girl (it is hard to photograph though). love the layout. the quote is so meaningful!