Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A new angel!!

Already finished a new painting!! The idea for this painting came up when I was drawing in my art journal. So now I have an unfinished sketch of the same angel in my art journal and I have to come up with something new!
Well, here she is my angel with a message! (PS Not in the mood to write, feeling very tired today!!)


Jenny Bergvall said...

YES for U! ;) I like it. LOVE the intense eyes. Hope all is good with you and your loved once. Hugs from Sweden!!

Diirra said...

Hi Anniek, I just read my very first comment:) Thank you for your comment and yes i will stick to blogging. I believe it will help me clear anything on my mind, by the way i love the Angel you finish your art is beautiful! Have a wonderful day!