Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A short visit to Belgium.

My sweetheart and I went for a short visit to Belgium last weekend. We rented a small studio in Blankenberge with a nice view on the sea and the beach from Friday 15.00 hrs. till Monday 11.00 hrs..
On Saturday we visited Brugge which is one of the oldest cities of Belgium. Lots of old houses and canals. We even didn't have the time to visit one of the many museums because there was so much to see in the old centre of the city.

We were both exhausted when we returned to the studio and went to bed very early.

On Sunday we woke up very early and went for a walk along the beach to see the sun rise. I took some really cool photos.

After breakfast we went for a car ride along the Belgian coast. We stopped several times to take a walk on the beach. We even went to France to have a drink in the first village au bord de la mer: Bray-Dunes.

After we had returned to Blankenberge there were still some shops open and we went to a small shop where they sold all kind of products from Indonesia, Bali, Thailand and Nepal. I bought a sarong with batik motifs from Java. The lady who ownes the shop told us that she and her family used to live on Bali for about 8 years before they returned to Belgium 6 years ago. They still go there to buy the products they sell in their shop from the local people.

On Monday we went back home, but not before I bought my quilt-iron in Turnhout. I'm going to use it for waxing my paintings. I had been looking for the quilt-iron in my country but it was very expensive. In Belgium I payed half the prize!!

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Marit said...

Wat een prachtige foto's Anniek! Fijn, zo'n weekendje aan zee, ik ben jaloers!