Friday, May 08, 2009

Get well soon card and Krishna Raj

We received some disturbing news the other day about one of our favorite personal coaches of my son. She has been taken to hospital last Friday night after having a fit of epilepsy. At first I was afraid she had some kind of brain tumor, but after they thoroughly examined her the doctors told her husband and children that she has a herpes virus in the brain. She's really very sick and it's uncertain how she will come out of this illness. She's still in ICU where they have to keep her asleep because she was very restless and pulled out all the tubes for medication and food over and over again. Her daughter just phoned me and told me that her mother is doing a little better now.
I made her a get well soon card and we all signed it (Zander, me and the other personal coaches).
I'm also sending her lots of love and positive energy every day!!

Last Tuesday I went to see Krishna Raj in Groningen. He's one of the teachers of the Oneness University in India. He told us about Oneness and why it is important to be totally in peace with oneself and to love oneself completely! After his speech he gave us a blessing which I felt very strongly.


Marit said...

I hope Zander's person coach and friend is doing better now - you sure made her a beautiful card!!! (p.s. I got myself 7 (!) bottles of spray ink this week! Thanks again for all the tips and advise!)

M@risk@ said...

Hopefully Zander's personal coach is getting well. The card is beautiful and such a lovely guesture. Have a nice sunday.