Saturday, April 04, 2009

Vintage stuff!

Bought some vintage stuff at the local recycle store/thrift shop!! I found a bingo game with wooden numbers for just 50 eurocents!!! I also found some old lotto games and some old schoolbooks with photos from the 1950's or 1960's.

I still don't feel very well. Slept in late today: 12.30 pm. Had to do some groceries though and went outside for a bit. Now I'm feeling tired again and I would love to go to my bed. Promised my son we would make a pizza today so I have to wait. Still have to do the dishes from yesterday because I felt to miserable to do them.

The schoolcab company guy phoned yesterday and he told me that the cabdriver will come over to our house at 7.35 am now, starting next Monday. The cab driver will wait for 3 minutes and then take off if my son isn't ready! No apologies or what so ever from the cab driver because of his rude behavior! My son told me that the cab driver told him in the cab that I didn't understand what his job was about but that I gave the impression that I knew better then him. He also told me that the cab driver was driving like crazy to catch up the lost time (80 km where 50 km are allowed and 100/120 km where 80 km are allowed!!). He told me that after I spoke to the guy from the cab company so I'm not finished with him yet!!
I'm also going to make a call to the section of our municipal that is responsible for the school transport of special needs kids. Maybe they can help us with another solution!

What I haven't told you yet is, that my first not so pleasant conversation with the cab driver last Thursday was about Zander being late all the time and him having autism. The cab driver told me that Zander was just playing with me and he (the cab driver) knew exactly what I as a mother should do about this problem!!! ARGHHH !!!! I hate people who know nothing about autism that seem to know exactly how to handle my son!! I told him that too!! I think he wasn't very pleased with my answer! The thing is: he does exactly what he is accusing me off. The only difference is that I know exactly how much time it takes to go to Zander's school and that he drops the kids off way to early. Zander told me that last Friday he was at school at exactly 8.10 am and they left here around 7.35 am. So if they would leave from our house 15 minutes later there would be enough time to be at school in time, even if they got in a traffic jam! I really don't understand why he has to be at school that early!!

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Iris said...

Hey Buurvrouw! Ik wist t nog hoor! ik was zelfs al hier geweest, heel verhaal getypt... maar nu blijkt dus dat er iets mis is gegaan... want jij hebt hem niet gelezen. Kijk ik net, staat ie ook nergens meer! Aaarrgghh
Maar goed, ik ben blij dat je je boekje weer compleet hebt. En JEE wat heb jij HARD gewerkt. Je hebt gewoon alles af!!! Pffff.... ik alleen de layouts. ALle mini's moeten nog. Ik vind jouw dingen echt stuk voor stuk heel mooi. Leuk om het eindresultaat te zien van je mini album van Dina (boekje blijft zo gaaf hè) en je ecoline layout. Daar was je zondags nog mee aan t stoeien. Maarre leuk!
Ik heb het nog niet gedaan met de kinderen. Zit te denken aan een moederdaglayout oid... nog even overleggen met mijn duopartner.

Enne wat een verhaal zeg over die taxichauffeur. Je zou hem toch wat! Ik hoop dat het allemaal opgelost wordt! Succes