Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Long walk and good talk.

Today was yet another beautiful sunny day!!! It was really cold up here in the North of the Netherlands! At night it was minus 8 degrees Celsius.
After my heart chakra meditation, a late breakfast, some computer time, and finally was able to make an appointment for this evening with the guy I opened my heart for, I left the house around noon for my daily walk.

Today I took a complete other route. I even walked over several crop and grass fields to be able to walk in the sun most of the time and to cut short the very long walk. I stayed outside for more than 1 hour and a half!. I saw a huge buzzard in a tree and flying away when he saw me coming his way. I was able to make a photo while he was sitting in the tree with my 12x zoom, but it was too far away to make it a cool photo. You can see the buzzard in the middle of the first photo in this post. He's sitting on the lowest branch of the tree. Just click on it for a better view.

The light was great today: clear but also a bit hazy in the distance. I'm not sure if hazy is the right word but look at the photos I took and you'll understand what I mean.
On the last photo you can see some rayes of sun!

In the wood I felt the need to stand with my back against an oak. I later found out that standing with your back against an oak can give you strenght. And I just needed that for my appointment later this day!

Back at home my legs were all red because of the cold, but other than that I felt great and very calm. Those walks, being outside and connecting with nature are making me feel more alive but also less stressful! I'm so glad that the fibromyalgia and the chronic fatigue don't bother me anymore. A few months ago I wasn't able to make these long walks!

When I felt warm and comfortable again I went outside again to do some shopping for the days to come. I probably will be celebrating new years eve on my own and because I don't want to gain weight again after I've lost over 6 kilos the last couple of months (yeah, love can do that!!), I decided to only buy healthy foods. So no oil-dumplings for me this year!!

After a nice dinner (ratatouille with rice and a steak) I waited for my appointment reading in an Osho book about chakras and kundalini.
When he had arrived we soon started to talk about the things in our sudden break up, that were still confusing to me. It was a good and open talk. I now have all the answers and I feel that it's okay. It is time for me to let him go. I still love him though, so I will be feeling pain and sadness about the loss of a love relationship, but we can still be friends! End of a very short love story! But also the chance of a new beginning and new opportunities for me!

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Anonymous said...

wat is je blog lekker leuk gepimpt! verder wil ik je alvast een super 2009 wensen want ik denk echt dat het jou jaar word. Jammer dat het niks is geworden, maar misschien was de reden wel dat hij jou de ogen moest openen voor een aantal dingen waardoor jij nu veel beter in je leven staat en nu klaar bent om datgene naar je toe te trekken wat er voor je klaar ligt?