Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I was tagged the other day by Alice. I have to write down 7 facts about myself, either random or weird or both.

Than I have to pick 7 blogfriends and tag them too. But because all the people of the blogs I frequently visit have already been tagged, I just want you to ask to feel yourself tagged when you read this post.

These are the 7 facts about myself.

1. When I hang my wash I like to use only the same coloured clothes pegs on the same line and I always start with the blue ones.

2. I love to wear soft socks in bed.

3. After every scrapbook or other creative project I have to clear and clean my table.

4. I find it difficult to throw away things and that's why I have problems with storage in my small house. (I really need to work on that!!!)

5. I love buying books!!

6. My biggest wish is to live near the sea in a warm country.

7. I often loose stuff in my own house, especially paperwork! (Have to work on this one too!!)

(Picture: some paintings in my bedroom I have made a long time ago!)


Alice said...

Thnx for sharing! The socks in bed is also a weird thing of me.

M@risk@ said...

Leuke om je eigenaardigheden te lezen. Mooi sfeervol hoekje heb je gecreerd.