Sunday, September 14, 2008

Another Manga portrait!

And here's another Manga portrait I made. This time with long hair. I'm thinking of letting my hair grow again you see!

When I was pregnant with Zander I had long hair. I decided to let it cut off when he started to pull my hair. Because my hair is very thick it is so much easier to handle when it's short and I truly believe that I look younger with short hair. Nevertheless, I want to give it a go to let my hair grow long again.

Here are some pictures of me from the past with either short or long(er) hair. Have a laugh!!! The one with black hair was taken when I felt really sick during a vacation in France. The one with the long dress was taken in a Laura Ashley shop when I worked there.


M@risk@ said...

Ik vind je BOM echt geweldig, mooi van eenvoud en het papier van BG is super. Leuk om de verschillende foto's van jouw te zien. Bij mij zouden ze allemaal gelijk zijn (lang haar).

Birgit said...

Leuk die manga'z en je book of me is super!!

Anonymous said...

Dat zwarte korte kapsel staat je ontzettend leuk!