Saturday, June 14, 2008

Go China!

Yesterday, we went to an exhibition called Go China in the Drentsmuseum in Assen. It was Zander's last day of school so there wasn't any homework to do. Some time ago I told him about the exhibition and about the terra cotta army of Xi'an. Some of the large figures from this army are in the Drentsmuseum. There are also some other treasures from the Qin- and Han-dynasty.

Horst went along with us. He's one of Zander's home teachers. You can see him and Zander on the last picture.

It was quite impressive to see the large terra cotta figures. I took a lot of pictures without using a flash because it wasn't allowed. It was pretty dark in the museum but I managed to make some nice pictures.

After visiting the exhibition we went to the McDrive to celebrate Zander's last day of school. It is kind of a tradition.

Today we went to meet a family in Yde. They also have a son with autism and they would love to have Zander for 1 or 2 weekends every month and also 1 or 2 weeks during the Summer. Their son with autism (PDD) is almost 13 and his younger brother is 10. I have a good feeling about this family and Zander was also surprisingly positive and well mannered this time. So fingers crossed that it works out for us this time!! It's hard to find a nice and safe guest family or other facility for kids with autism!

I also made 2 new digital layouts this afternoon.

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