Sunday, May 04, 2008

Yesterday was clean up garden day!!

Yesterday was clean up garden day!! So, no National Scrapbookday challenges for me! :(

The people that are normally working with my son came over to help me. Even Zander helped out a bit because his friend Manuel also came over to help.
I forgot to take pictures while they were all working and I also don't have pictures of the garden before the clean up, but this is how it looks today.

In about 2 weeks the people from the company where I bought the garden house, will come over to install it in the back of the yard. Just in front of all that piled up wood, roof tiles and bricks you can see on the picture. I want to use that stuff to build a small shed behind the garden house to put all the garden furniture in during winter.
But first we have to get rid of that pile of wood and other stuff on the left of the picture.
The large circle of dirt you see in the middle (where the chicken is) was a big hole where used to be the trampoline. Because Zander didn't use it anymore and I almost peed my pants every time I used it (seriously!!), I sold it.

I'm not sure yet what I want to do with the rest of the garden except for building a large wooden terrace in front of the garden house and making a small path from our house to the garden house. There are a lot of large trees on the left side of our house and they block the sun, so there isn't much sun coming into our garden and that means that the grass and the flowers aren't growing that well. Oh well, we'll see!!

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