Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Our garden house is ready to be painted!!!

This morning the guys from the company where I bought the garden house finished the building job!
They started on Monday but couldn't finish it in one day. Yesterday they had to go to somebody else first, so they came this morning.

Yesterday I ordered the paint for the outside and inside of the garden house at Moose Farg in Schagen. They sell the original Swedish paint for wooden houses. Zander and I chose the famous red color. There will also be a touch of white on the windows and doors. And the walls inside will also be painted white.

I took a lot of picture during the building proces but just show you a couple of them here on my blog. The pictures with the painted houses are from the Moose Farg website.
My back yard is a mess right now, but I hope that it will look fabulous in a month or so!

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M@risk@ said...

Your garden house looks great already but when the painting is done it will be a great place to sit, scrap and relax. Could bring you the paint, cause Schagen is 4 kms from my home (LOL). Have a sunny weekend.