Friday, May 16, 2008

I'm SOOO lucky .....

..... I won a Jenni Bowlin workshop at SIS tv given by Jo-Anne in Ede at Scrappen doe je zo!!! Heidi also won, so tomorrow we're both going to Ede.

But first I have to pay a visit to the local recycle store where they sell old books for almost nothing, because we all have to bring a thick (8 cm) book and a very sharp crafts knife!

On the pictures above you can see some sneaks from the workshop. The pictures are made by Jo-Anne.


Alice said...

Wow, congrats with your price. I hope you found a nice book. And I hope I can see the result when you finished it.

Have fun.


Birgit said...

Wow! You sure are lucky!! Looks great! Have fun, both of you!!