Monday, April 14, 2008

The latest news.

First of all I want to tell you something about the layout and mini book I've made over the last couple of days.
The layout is about one Summer I worked in France (Cote d'Azur) as an au-pair. I went there 2 (or was it 3?!) Summers in a row working for the same nice family who normally lived near Paris. This house was their Summerhouse! There was grandpere Rene, his son Bob (Robert) and his wife Simone and ofcourse their 2 daughters Valerie and Laurence. The second Summer I worked for them Bob's brother Philip came over with his wife Reina and their son David. The two brothers hadn't seen eachother since they were very small boys. Their parents seperated when they were very young and the (American) mother returned to the USA with her youngest son and Bob stayed with his dad in France. So it was a very special moment when they arrived from the airport at the summerhouse in Theoule. We were at the pool when they arrived and David (tired from the flight) was yelling that he wanted to swim. Because his wings were somewhere in a suitcase the parents told him that he couldn't but he was yelling louder and louder and so they told him he could only go into the water if he stayed on the stairs. I was sitting on the wall watching everybody. The family was so busy talking to eachother that they forgot about David. I didn't, and when I saw him going under, because he had left the stairs, I jumped into the water with my clothes on and lifted him up. Because he wasn't aware yet of the dangerous position he was in, he was yelling to me: "I don't want to leave the water, I don't want to leave the water!" and he was kicking me with his feet.

His parents were so grateful that I had watched over their son and kept him from drowning, that when they went home they gave me money to buy a new watch (my watch was broken when I jumped into the water because it wasn't waterproof). Because it was quite a lot of money I could buy a very nice Seiko! I still ware the same watch and it is very dear to me!

I also made a mini book for my friend Suzanne. She helped me painting my bedroom 2 weeks ago. She did all the heavy painting like the walls and ceiling. I'm not able to do that anymore because of the fibro.
I gave it to her yesterday evening when she came over for our weekly walk. She loved it and she's going to look for pictures to complete the mini and then I can really finish the mini with journaling and so on.

Zander has found himself another friend. This is so funny, at least to me it is.
Last Friday the doorbell rang and because I thought it was his friend Manuel I asked Zander to open the door. Zander came back into the room talking to somebody. I was expecting to see Manuel but instead it was a boy I never had seen before. His name is Floris. I asked them how they knew eachother. Zander said: I don't know. He asked me if he could play with me and when I asked him who he was because I didn't knew who he was, he said his name was Floris and I have known a boy with the name Floris when I was 5, so I told him it was okay! Floris then told me that he and Zander had been in a fight when they were 5 and 4. Manuel told him about Zander and so when he had nothing to do last Friday he thought, maybe Zander wants to hang out with me (that means: hang out behind the computer!! ;) ). They got along very well and the next day he also came over. In the evening Manuel came too, but that was too much for Zander. So when Floris came back on Sunday I told him that in the future he wants to come over to us and Manuel is already here, he can't come in. I told Manuel the same when he came over last night. They were both cool about it!

I'm so glad that Zander told me that he can't cope with 2 friends around him. This is really new to me!! It means he is becoming more aware of what is good for him and what isn't!

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corinne5 said...

prachtige projecten weer en wat goed zeg van zander om het zelf aan te geven, echt heel erg goed :)