Sunday, April 27, 2008

The day after!

Yesterday I got one year older: 51 already!!
I didn't have a big party like last year. Just my parents and some friends and neighbours came over to celebrate my birthday. I got a lot of flowers this year! I love flowers!! I got two big pots with flowers for outside. I took some pictures of them today.

I also took a lot of pictures of Misty. She really likes to sleep in the new chicken house during the day.
Because we are getting this new garden house in our back yard very soon I had to make a new chicken house for the only chicken left. The old chicken house was also way to big for just one chicken and so I made her a new comfortable one from an old rabbit house. She can walk in and out freely but she only uses it to sleep in when it's getting dark. So during the day Misty uses it to take her naps.
Zander isn't doing very well at the moment. He came back home from school last Tuesday feeling sick. He told me he had a soar throat and a head ache. The next day he started to cough and he still does. We went to see the family doctor on Friday just to be sure that it wasn't a bronchitis, but after she listened to his lungs she told me that there was nothing wrong with them and that it just seemed to be a virus. He told me this morning that he is really tired of coughing all the time and that he wished that it was over. I hope he feels better really soon!
This past week I was to busy with all kinds of things to find some time for scrapbooking. I hope to be able to make some new stuff next week!

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corinne5 said...

GEFELICITEERD!!! hoop dat je een leuke dag hebt gehad en wat sneu voor zander , ik herken het maar al te goed, het maakt je inderdaad erg moe. hopelijk is het gauw weerover.