Friday, December 07, 2007

Another Malbosc layout.

Finished another layout with a photo that was taken 30 years ago when I spent Easter holidays in Malbosc, France.

I remember we decided to have a small picnic in the hills nearby Malbosc. There, we met a friendly lady with her lamb. I also remember I couldn't understand what Annik and the lady were talking about. My French wasn't that great at that moment and the lady was speaking with an accent.

I also remember that Danielle took this photo and that she was very excited because she thought she had captured a sun-beam. And you know what .... she actually did! If you look left from the lamb you can see the sun-beam.

Again I used K&Company patterned paper. I decided I want to make an album with photos of my years in Paris and I want to make it in a vintage kind of style.


corinne5 said...

mooie lo en leuk idee om er een album van te maken. Ik heb nog 0,0 kinderfoto's gescrapt wie weet in de toekomst een keer.


Mika said...

Woh that's a great idea. Mika

M@risk@ said...

Ik zie dat je ook graag de naaimachine, kant en knopen gebruikt. Prachtig materiaal om in je layouts te verwerken. Deze is mooi van eenvoud. Super!