Thursday, November 15, 2007

Memories I love.

Finished this layout today.

The photo on this layout remembers me of my first vacation in France with Annik and Pierre and her sister and brother in law and their 3 kids (Marc, Philippe and Claire). I was living in France for maybe one month when we went to a very small village called Malbosc. We stayed in this very old house which was build next to the church. I have good memories about this week. Before this vacation my relationship with Annik was difficult and complicated and I felt lonely and stupid. But during this vacation we discovered that the au-pair before me had told her some lies about me. She told Annik that I had learned French at school for 6 years but in fact I had only followed a French course during 4 or 5 months prior to leave for France. Because Annik's sister married a Belgian and was living in Antwerp she learned Dutch (Flamand) and so I could tell her some things about me in my own language. So when Annik discovered that I had only followed this French course for maybe 2 hours a week during 4 or 5 months, she was so releaved. Because she thought I was really bad in languages considering the fact that I had learned French at school for 6 years, which I hadn't!
So after this discovery she became very nice to me and was much more patient when I was looking for the right French words. I loved working for her and taking care of Pierre.
And during this vacation I started to love France.


Tessa Tegendraads said...


Groetjes van Tessa

M@risk@ said...

Ik vind je papierkeuze erg mooi en de verwerking van het stukje kant is prachtig.

P.s. Het is een Berner Sennenhond, een lobbes en een schat van een beest.