Friday, November 09, 2007

Little boys ...

... should never be sent to bed; they wake up a day older. Sigh...., years fly by!
Made this layout with a photo of Zander when he was 2 years old. I remember it was just after we went to Switzerland to stay there for a couple of weeks with friends, who lived not far from Geneva. Zander never wanted to sleep in the afternoon but one day he fell asleep on his big polar bear and because it was so special I took this photo of him. Doesn't he look cute?!

I started this layout on wednesday when I went to Birgit's crop for the first time. I have to get used to working with more people around me (lots of distractions) but it was fun and I'm going to do this more often.


Mirjam said...

super layout, and yes, he sure looks cute!

M@risk@ said...

Even niet geweest en wat zie ik een mooie dingen. Prachtig!