Monday, August 20, 2007

Daily something from Saturday

Last Saturday I went to the Scrapbookstore. I bought the September edition of CK, some papers and those XL ghost clocks from Heidi Swapp.
Saw some nice ideas in CK that I want to try. I also visited the website of CK and saw this video about an easy way to paint brads in a matching color for your layout. Why didn't I think about that?!

Another thing I did on Saturday was to clear out my shed, finally! I managed to throw away a lot of rubbish. I took my dad's car to bring it to the dumping site (ground?). There are only a few boxes left that I have to sort out but it already looks great and very organized.

I should have taken some photos from my shed before and after, but I was to ashamed about the before that I didn't. That's also why I made a daily something about my tour to the Scrapbookstore!

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