Monday, August 13, 2007

Chicken Kuifje

I just want to share some photos of my chicken with the name Kuifje. After her 'sister' died almost 2 weeks ago she's all alone! Every morning I open the door of the henhouse so that she can walk in the garden. I also did that quite often when all the chicken were alive but now I do it every day. She follows me to the house and stays there most of the time. When the sun is shining and I sit outside, she also comes to sit with me. I think she must feel lonely now with all the other chicken gone.

Doesn't she look cute?! We called her Kuifje (in French it's Tintin) because she had the largest comb that dripped (?) a bit to one side.
Haven't made a daily something today. I wasn't feeling that great today. Maybe tomorrow?!

1 comment:

Mirjam said...

great story... but are you sure it is a she?? Looks like a rooster to me... but then again I am not so familiar with chicken LOL.
Love your work.