Friday, June 15, 2007

Little birdie

Completely forgot to tell you about the little birdie that our cat brought to me while I was sitting in the garden. It was so cute! She let me take the bird out of her mouth very gently. Normally she runs away with her prey, but this time she was so lovely!
Zander and I took some photos of the bird and looked around where the mother was. Then we discovered that she could already fly. Only she was not strong enough yet to fly over longer distances and she couldn't fly very high. Because we didn't have any food for the little one, we decided to put her on a branch in the tree in front of our house. We were hoping the mother would come over there to feed her. Once in the tree the little one jumped from branch to branch to the top of the tree. We looked for a while and than went inside. When we came back the bird was gone. We hope the mother found her and not some other cat. To be sure our cat didn't change her mind about being nice to the birdie we kept her inside for a long period of time!

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