Friday, June 08, 2007

The latest news

I'm very busy at the moment. Sadly enough not with scrapping. I'm busy with all kind of things involving my son. Lots of phonecalls to make and meetings to attend to. Later this morning the last meeting here at home.
I have to make a lot of changes around here. Things aren't working out anymore and it's getting more difficult to live with a kid with autism. He's 13 now and his puberty has started. He has always been a kid that wanted to do the things in his way (because of his autism) but lately he just doesn't want to listen to me anymore and we have trouble every day. It is really tiresome!
My son was diagnosed with severe PDD-NOS with ODD at the age of 6, but lately I wonder if this is the right diagnosis. The people that are working with him are also wondering, they feel that his autism is much deeper. So I want to make an appointment with the Leo Kannerteam in Doorwerth for another examination. I have been told that they are the best autism specialists over here in the Netherlands!

I'm also not looking forward to the upcoming summervacation. My son will be home from school for 9 weeks! Luckily I have managed to book him for 2 x 1 week at the farm. And one of the people working with him is willing to take him for 4 days on a camping trip to Belgium (in the Ardennen). But than there are still 6 weeks to go. Maybe his dad can take him for a week or so? We'll see!

At the moment the weather is great over here. Lots of sunshine and a warm but pleasant temperature. I'm feeling happy about that!

Here's a link to the newest Basic Grey line.


Unknown said...

I hope your summer works out much better than you could imagine! Hang in there.....


(fellow mom of autism spectrum boys)

corinne5 said...

Ik zal aan je denken, het is niet makkelijk. ik hoop dat er gauw een juiste diagnose word gesteld voor jou en voor hemzelf.