Sunday, May 13, 2007


Today is mothersday and I got spoiled by my son. Last week he went to the scrapbookstore nearby with one of his homeschool teachers to buy me some paper and embellishments. I think it's really cool paper! It's from Junkitz and you can use both sides.

I also got my breakfast in bed. Two "bolletjes" (soft bread) with chocolate sprinkles (hagelslag), one boiled egg, a glass of juice and a cup of herbal tea. I had to help him a bit with boiling the egg. I told him that the minute the water started to boil he had to put the timer on 5 minutes (we have large eggs). He didn't pay attention to what I was saying and he already started the timer when he lit the fire. After I explained it again he did it right!

Being a single mom I always had to help remind my son of these kind of days and help him. But this year one of the teachers (mom of 3 girls with autism) decided to take him to the scrapbookstore to buy me a present. Isn't that just great and thoughtful?!

With my new Cricut (LOVE IT!) I have made a mothersday card for my mom. I will pay her a visit this afternoon and bring her this card and another small present. Our family isn't in for big presents on mothers or fathersday. It's the thought that counts!

Yesterday, I made a (Cricut) birthday card for my neighbour Esther. She likes to scrap too! So, I gave her some scrapbook stuff.

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Unknown said...

I love this word.......

Great cards! How nice of the other mom to do that with your son!

Do you have pictures of other cards or of your Circut machine?