Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Latest news.

Last week Zander and I went to visit his dad in Utrecht from last wednesday till sunday. It was nice being there and being able to visite one of my friends I haven't seen for quiet some time. Last year she became a mother at the age of almost 44. Her babygirl is now 6,5 months old. I took a lot of pictures of her, but I can't upload them because of a lot of problems with my computer. It is necessary to clean the harddisc and reinstall everything. I'm very busy copying everything I want to keep to my external hard disc I bought some time ago.

When we were in Utrecht I also went to a nearby scrapbook store in Doorn (Paper & Pictures). That was great! They had so much more papers and embellishments than in my local scrapbook store. I was looking my eyes out! Of course I did some serious shopping and left with 2 bags filled with scrapbookstuff. I also bought some books about scrapbooking, all from Autumn leaves (looks, free style and colors) and a magazine (simple scrapbooks ?).
After visiting the scrapbook store in Doorn I also went to another store in Utrecht where I bought another Cricut cartridge Fabulous Finds. All the cartridges were 10 euros off prize!

Now I have to find some time to work on my assignments for Finding You. I am feeling a bit restless the last couple of days. Maybe these are signs of withdrawl because of my addiction to scrapbooking? LOL No, serious! I haven't had the change to scrapbook for over a week now. But I suppose all the problems I have had with the computer is also making me restless. I just can't live without my computer anymore!
And then there is another issue with my son and his father I have to deal with. Last week his father gave him a game for his PSP. They told me both it was a non-violent game appropriate for his age. But Sunday evening when I unpacked his bag I found out it was a violent game for 16 years and older. I am totally against these kind of games and my son knows it and his father does too. So, I don't find this very funny! I am going to ask his father to give his son a call and explain to him that he has to send the game to him in Utrecht and that he will buy him a new non-violent game appropiate to his age. I don't want to be the one that is taken away yet another game away from my son! Yeah, this happened before and my son hated me for taken that game away from him (he still talks about it and is scolding me names you don't want to know), so this time I'm going to try to lay the responsability with his dad. I hope I'll succeed!

Some other news is that we almost had a fire last evening. Zander had thrown his duvet over a lamp. Luckily he was in his room sitting under his bed (he sleeps in a high bed) when he saw the smoke. He immediately threw some water over the spot where his duvet was scorching (?????) and then he called me. I threw his duvet outside and also threw away the lamp that had melted.
Luckily that was all! The thought of having a real fire is very scaring to me. I hope Zander is more carefull now about lamps and not covering them with any material.

This is it for now. I'm not sure when I will be able to update my blog again. I hope at the end of this week or in the week end.


jmuir said...

hi loved your blog
i would be interested in being a online penfriend for scrapbooking to you
i have dutch origin,my parents are dutch



corinne5 said...

jeetje wat zal dat schrikken zijn geweest met de bijna brand, gelukkig liep het goed af. Ik ben ook zo tegen de geweldadige spelletjes want anthony word er mega druk en aggressief van.


Unknown said...

I am glad you escaped the house fire!

I need to print a lot of pictures to scrapbook...I am getting behind