Saturday, April 07, 2007

Quiet day!

This morning my son went to the Autorai in Amsterdam with one of his former homeschool teachers. I just phoned them and they had just arrived and were looking at all the most expensive cars. Zander has a thing for cars lately and he told me about a week ago he would really love to go to the Autorai. So we asked Jozias if he would like to go with him. Walking all day is a bit to much for my muscles and besides that I'm not a car loving person!
He was very excited about going to Amsterdam again with Jozias and to be able to see all the cars he already had seen on television, but this time for real!

He has my old camera with him so that he can take a lot of pictures. I will show some of them to you in a next post.
He took this picture of Jozias with my new camera. He asked me if he could take my new camera to the Autorai. What do you think my answer was? LOL

I'm going to leave you for now. Have to do some tasks (I know there's another word for this, but don't know how to write it) and than it's ..... scrappingtime!

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