Sunday, March 25, 2007

November 11.

Finished this layout yesterday. It's about November 11 or Sint Maarten (Saint Martin). This is an important day for most of the kids in the Netherlands! With a lantern (selfmade at school) they go by the houses and sing a song for the people who are willing to open the door. And then they get a treat (candy, fruit, chips and even money). So, I suppose it's a bit like Tric or treat in the USA, but without all the scary things and the costumes.

The pictures aren't great but I love the expressions on Zander's face!
I'm not sure if I also should make some embroidering lines on the pictures. I think it would look a little bit messy, overdone. What do you think?

By the way: this isn't a great picture of the layout. You can hardly see the embroidery lines. In real it's more present.

Translation of the Dutch line: November 11 is the day that my light may shine. It's one of the songs the children sing.
Supplies: pp (BG), black sticker letters (market), embroidering thread, sewing-thread, black DVD-writer (Pilot: love these to write with, esp. on pictures).

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